Featured Artists

Morgan Adams (Watercolor) : “Life is a fantastic voyage, all the more important to do good and help one another!”


Abbie Ansburg (Oil):"My inspiration comes from moments that stir my emotions-the vastness of the ocean, a certain slant of light, the opening notes of a symphony, a coming storm..."   Oil



Shawn Barbagallo (Pottery)



Zach Barnard (Oil): "Like travel, painting should be an adventure and should feel vivid, alive and with a sense of mystery."

Michael Barnett (Oil):

"Through my work I create a sensation of seduction that makes the viewers feel things they never thought they could, and surrender to the feeling." 


Gene Benes  (Hand-made Pens)


Thom Bierdz (Oil) : "The Leigh Gallery keeps me 'Young & Restless'."

Bruce Bodden (Marquetry/Acrylic): "I try to light up the room with my art like a big smile." 


Hans-Ulrich Buchwald (Woodprints)


Angel Bucio (Acrylic)




Diane Campion (Acrylic/Oil): "My world is chock full of inspiration.  Everything has the potential to become a painting!" 


Joe Canup (Acrylic/Photography): "As the eye travels along the line, I like to reward it with rich textures and bold colors."  Acrylic



Dan Cueves: "I'm constantly working on art.  People often ask me when I go for vacation, and I say, my whole life's a vacation doing what I love."


Samantha DeCarlo (Acrylic) : "Art not easily photographed, invents a new world to explore and allows us to leave behind all expectations"



Austyn DeLugo (Oil) : "Through my paintings I explore themes of identity, culture and queerness." Oil



Donellen Designs (Glass) -Partners in life for over four decades, Don and Ellen Ljung find their skills and style to be complementary in their work with glass.


Craig Dresang (Oil): "My paintings explore paths between the spiritual and physical, the simple and complex, and between completeness and absence." 


Josh Epstein (Linoprint) : "Marrying art and logic, my work represents the interplay of luxury and access, crossing lines of past and present."



Allen J. Friedman (Sculpture): "Waveform unique metal art is inspired by the ocean waves at sundown. They convey movement from all angles."


Joel Ganucheau (Acrylic):"I always like to experiment with pushing and pulling layers without taking it too far."


John Garrison (Reproduction):"My paintings often have a vintage feel; a nod towards Art Deco, but also show a great deal of motion similar to Dynamism. A style I like to call, Deco-Dynamism."


Davine Green (Oil): "I start with a plain ground then my marks and strokes are repeated and layered and appear to float just above the surface with intensity and often contrasting hues that create a radiating vital energy." 


Steven Green (Oil)


Becky Griffin (Pottery):"The thrill of being a potter is experiencing the process that starts with mud and ends up as a beautiful functional piece of pottery." 

Elvin Griffin (Oil): "Art is my Passion.  My goal is to express myself on canvas and paper without words." 


Brian Hammond (Wood-Cut/Etching):"I always encourage artists in other fields to get inky and give printmaking a go." 

Roger Heide (Oil):"In painting, I have found my voice and I believe it speaks to the heart." 



Amy Huisinga (Acrylic): "My acrylic paintings incorporate various painting surfaces, added testured gel mediums and other mixed media techniques to creat dimensional effects within the scene and promote viewer involvement. 



Amy Hutto (Acrylic): "Bold, striking colors and textures for the eyes that make your fingers want to touch. A splash, dot or streak of gold leaf makes me happy!"

John Jankowski (Watercolor): "As an artist, I find the depth of color and controllability in watercolor to be a perfect medium for me to express myself in." 


Darren Jones (Acrylic): "Chicago based artist born in Canada creates unique botanical and abstract landscape works of art inspired by nature and the world that surrounds us using materials such as acrylics, beach sand, recycled wood and paper fibers." 

Ben Jurevicius (Pastel): "I like to engage the viewer through color and value." 


Chris Klassen (Acrylic): "For me, Art is poetry and the colors are songs, the textures are the architecture.  It is the infinite language of man." 



Chris Knechtel (Oil): "Painterly intuition guides me as I am prompted from the most seemingly insignificant thing in nature."



Robert Koch  (Watercolor/Oil)


Mark Kolinski (Pottery): "My work is a mix of traditional, modern, and folkstyles."


Joey Korom (Oil): "For some 30 years I have drawn upon my art education and professional achitectural background for inspiration when composing an abstract painting; intuition is primary and then media, proportions,color, texture and careful execution determine the final result."


T.J. Krueger (Pottery): "I've been doing what I like to do for over four decades."

Jagoda Lane (Acrylic):"The purpose of art is washing the dust off our souls."-Pablo Picaso 

Eric Lee (Glass): "The effective juxtaposition of what may seem to be conflicting or incompatible colors, may lie in the way they blend... it's how one handles the segue."

Pam Lee (Glass)

Jean Leigh (Reproduction/Pen&Ink): "I always like to see how ridicuously tiny I can draw!  The fun is in the details!" 


David Mayhew (Photography): "My passion for storm chasing & photography create a unique perspective on the world under the drama of the skies."


Frank J. Mascenic (Oil)

Michael Mckee  Pastel

Justin Miller (Oil/Acrylic): "Surreal visions of buildings and landscapes, inspiring destinations, usually desolate and extreme, and always visually exciting." 


Virginia Morrisseau (Encaustic): "Painting with encaustics for so many years, I get such a  great joy in the delight of the viewer when they touch the painted suface to explore the beautiful colors and textures together."


Robert Moses (Oil): "I love to paint in oil; and am particularly interested in the expressive portrayal of forms that introduce a sense of movement, change and psychological intensity.  I am honored to be a part of The Leigh Gallery." 



Judy Munro (Oil): "My landscapes are a combination of observation, imagination and 'memory fragments", bits and pieces of sights, sounds, smells and feelings remembered from childhood." 



Judith Gahn Murphy (Acrylic): "Painting is trying every day to achieve what your mind sees and never really getting there."



Christie Neale (Mixed Media): "The goal of my current work is to manifest a visual representation of surrender--to show what happens when we allow ourselves to trust in the natural order of things and let them unfold organically."



Ron Nepereny (Oil): "My goal is to reveal the beauty of the seemingly mundane objects of  everyday life."


Jimmy Newton (Watercolor): "Time celebrated with classic, innovative & progressive watercolor works." 



Claudia Overstreet (Sculpture): "I like to construct my slab-built ceramic sculptures and boxes similar to the way my father once built clocks, dulcimers, cabinets and furniture in his wood shop."


Ryan Pederson (Pottery): "The balance of grace, strength, acceptance and control. Beauty can be found in the simple, and simply put, I love things that spin."



Barbara Pihos (Etching): "Unspoiled nature.  Drawing the northern woods of our continent brings me a renewal of spirit and tranquility." 

Ann Powell (Oil): "There is a spiritual world I escape to when I study the way sky, earth, water and plants interact with light and shadow that soothes my soul." 


Jack Puhl (Watercolor/Reproduction): "My art is simple and life should be." 


Ken Reif (Oil): "I am set free to create..."


Barry Reithmeier (Digital): "From the moment I capture a thought, a form, a shape, I let it evolve by itself in my subconscious mind. "

Kenneth Reshard (Sculpture): "I love using my hands and mind in creating works, which reflect my own sensibility and reality.  Deep colors, gold leaf and rhythmic patterns create compositions which are almost musical. "


Gregg Rogers (Oil): "A good piece of art to me has always been like a friend, it keeps me company, comforts and inspires me."

Linda Saytes (Oil/Acrylic): "The solitude and serenity of my paintings represent a place of respite."


Sharon Stelter (Sculpture): "Through clay I can interpret the world as I see it, as I want it to be; simple, uncluttered and joyful." 


Things of Steel (Sculpture): "Most days, you can find us in the studio sticking metal things to other metal things."


Mel Thompson (Pastel): "Using soft pastels on sanded paper I explore and capture the essence of the midwest landscape." Pastel

Kathryn Trumbull (Watercolor/Reproduction): "Painting is like life -  you have to be aware not only of the mark you make, but also the mark you leave." 

Kim Vanderheiden,  Etching

Peter Walsh (Oil): "I am proud to show my work at The Leigh Gallery.  Jean is professional, friendly and knowledgeable."


Rochelle Weiner (Encaustic/Watercolor): "Moments of peace in my life have mostly happend as I'm creating art." 


Henry Wessels (Sculpture): "I freeze hot bronze." 

Norbert White (Pottery): "How much more joyful is life when you surround it with the people and things you love?" 


Joey Wozniak (Oil): "Texture, stencils and image fusion..." 


Kreg Yingst (Wood-Cut/Prints): "Working predominatley with linoleum and woodblock prints, my focus has been on figuration for the past fifteen years." 


Thomas Zahn (Sculpture): "Through my work I hope to express energy, balance and joyful movement."